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Brant Rock

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Sunset via Brant Rock.

There are some places in the world that are physically, aesthetic. This place, for me, is even more. Emotionally, soulfully beautiful. A part of my core. This is the beach that has been mine ever since before I could walk. It’s where we’d collect rocks and shells as kids. Sneak away to in high school. The place I came to sit by myself when I needed it. A place I always find myself when I’m home.

Watching the sunset here with my little brother, throwing rocks into the ocean. It’s so special to me. Everything here is. I hope he feels that way too, someday.


Green Harbor

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Green Harbor Marina & Brant Rock Beach.

I’ve been coming here since I was literally weeks old. 

Sitting on the boat, dinner at the Venus, icecream down the street. It never, ever, gets old. 

Race Point

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From the Green Harbor Marina to Race Point, the very tip of the Cape with my family. Along the way, whales, sun. This is exactly why I came home for the summer. 

The Marina




Vintage Green Harbor


Absolutely love these vintage Green Harbor postcards that I found in Marshfield this weekend. Green Harbor, specifically Brant Rock beach, is my childhood beach, so they are extra special to me. I can’t wait to mat and frame them; they’ll be perfect for the gallery wall that I’m putting together in our Mississippi apartment. It’s always nice to tie small pieces of home into any space. 

Green Harbor





My childhood beach; the first time I came here, I was a few weeks old. Today, it was cloudy and cool. But it’s a teaser for summer and a trigger for so many happy memories. 

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