Cinque Terre, Another Day

My impressions of Cinque Terre are mixed. In a sense, it's like a Disney World - crowded, connected, seemingly fake and over the top, but also purely magical. A dream that's real. The culture, the food, the sun, the sea - it's all real. It's simple and calming. Colorful. I feel like I shouldn't, but [...]

Cinque Terre

There is so much to say about these pictures and no great way to say any of it. It was one of the best, most full and joyful days of life. Reunited with best friends, gelato, pizza, wine, swimming in the sea, the warmth of the sun. We voyaged through all five of the five [...]


Beautiful, rainbow, Riomaggiore, our homebase for the three nights that we spent in Cinque Terre, overlooking the Ligurian Sea. This, the first day of the set of some of the best days of my life. It began in Genoa in the afternoon. We flew in from London Stansted that morning, then took a cab to [...]


Sorrento, an explosion of sensation. Vibrant color, vibrant smell, so intense and all-encompassing. I started my day in the lemon orchards on the east side of town, pushed my way through the tourists in the market, wandered downward to Marina Grande, stumbled on an enchanting seaside garden, stopped for the view. I ate alone there, [...]


Amalfi, a quick trip. Too quick, just enough for a snack before boarding the last return ferry to Sorrento after a long and slow bus ride from Positano along the windy, narrow, mountain roads. I loved the ferry. I loved seeing it all from the sea, growing smaller and smaller as we propelled away from [...]