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Newport Cliff Walk


This beautiful place. Castles and cliffs. Waves crashing against the rocks. Sand, surfers, fishermen. At times, I felt like I was back in Europe, but really I was only an hour south of my American home. 

Everyone I know locally has been to the cliffs, usually for a family day-out, but I had never been before this. I knew it would be a nice, of course, but I never expected to love it as much as I did. We were only able to walk a small portion of the path before sunset this time (after apple-picking in nearby Middletown); now, I can’t wait to come back again and explore even more. I’m glad it’s so close.

P.S. For anyone wondering, I parked at a metered spot on Narragansett Avenue. In the future, I think I’d drive a few blocks down and look for street parking in the neighborhoods – as we walked along the water, we intersected different side-streets, and it seemed like there were a lot of people coming from them! But as the website notes, Narragansett Avenue is a good spot if you don’t have a lot of time.

Newport Polo

IMG_0054IMG_0050 IMG_0052 IMG_0061 IMG_0074

THIS is my new favorite thing. Why did it take so long for us to discover Newport Polo? Outside, in the sun, friends, food. If I wasn’t moving across the Atlantic, I’d be here every day. 

Blueberry Picking







Blueberry picking with my little brother before I head back to Mississippi. I absolutely love Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, Rhode Island and was searching for any excuse to go back. It was a little too early for apples, but fortunately, blueberry season was still going strong. The hazy sky and showers were not enough to keep us away. 

Doors of Newport




Bright and colorful doors of Newport. The details, of course, are everything. 



compass“Live your life by a compass, not a clock.”

A Christmas gift from Newport. 



Newport bar

newportsunsetFriends, margaritas, and a waterfront bar not too far from home. And the live band played Wagon Wheel, You & Tequila, and 500 miles all in a row. Sometimes, the simplest things are the most beautiful.

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