Fort Hill

Exploring beautiful Fort Hill and the Penniman House on the Cape (and playing with my brand new camera). I used to come here to hike with my family when I little - I even wrote about it in the diary I had at age five: "We walked in the woods and got very wet." THAT [...]

Martha’s Vineyard

  Every summer, we spend a weekend in July on the Vineyard, my most favorite weekend of the year.  That feeling when you step onto the boat, the sound of the port when you arrive. The old fashioned charm. The unspoiled natural beauty. The art, the community. The food and the drinks. The ease of being [...]

The Fourth

My weekend on the Cape,: morning runs, mini golf, neighborhood walks, treasure hunting, relaxing on the water. The vibrancy of color was overwhelming; the bright blue of the water, the vibrant green of the grass, the orange of the setting sun. Color exploding from every natural corner. 


Downtown details. Boston is beautiful in the summer. We spent the day in the Public Gardens and on Newbury, where we also passed the filming of Black Mass. It was a perfect mid-week escape. 


    I love exploring. I love traveling. I love adventures. But I also love a good Sunday afternoon, home with friends, brunch and a delicious New England dinner.