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Airports. Airplanes. Flying. That moment before takeoff, when all you can do is wait and wonder and hope and anticipate the adventure that awaits. 



I don’t particularly like the idea of WiFi on airplanes.  I enjoy escaping from the world with my thoughts and a good book. 

Museum of Fine Arts





Some are bored by art museums, but they fascinate me. Room after room of history, adventure, and discovery. Raw human creation, timeless throughout human experience.

It’s easy to appreciate the beauty of the past, just as it’s too easy to miss the beauty of right now. But our creations, our art, will live on too. Even the most mundane will tell our beautiful story. 




IMG_2354IMG_2355New brushes, new paints, new sketches. I’m slowly & steadily teaching myself to paint, to create. Rough and outside the lines. I’m a work in progress, but then again, isn’t everyone?



Camera“The moment you stop investing in yourself is the moment you have written off future dividends.” – Paul Brunson.

My next life step: learning visual design, from scratch. I’ve mapped out a personal syllabus of reading, projects, and Skillshare classes through September 2014. Moving forward.

White Mountains

Waterville Valley

Mountain snow is an intriguing specimen. Cold and biting, but in the same moment, peaceful, almost magical. The entire setting emits a unique sort of serenity, that promise of a quiet sanctuary for all those brave enough to venture within its grasp. The cold hurts. Or, since I suppose some have significantly adapted to it, I should say that it hurts me quite a bit. It’s a sharp and internal pain, the total loss of feeling in my extremities, a constant gasping for breath, and a sudden awareness. Despite growing up in New England, I’ve never been able to handle cold well. Ever.  But I’ve always loved those mountains. And there’s something perfectly wonderful about arriving at a place that you love in particular way only to see it engulfed in a sudden whiteness and to realize that it really hasn’t changed at all, to still love it. It’s a vivid reminder of the constant flux, the ebb and flow. And then, it’s a taste of the reality of something more; the cold is nothing from which to shy away. Somewhere, at this very moment, someone is within the icy clutches of the Ross Sea. Another is camped on Everest and yet another is simply enjoying an evening stroll in Moscow. Cold. Biting. Peaceful.


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