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South Shore Drive


Reflections on the best week of my life. Seven days, best friends, one Cape house across from the beach. A broken toe, crutches, support, and recovery. Making dinner, toasting smores, late nights, too much champagne. Tank tops and taffy. One beautiful, wonderful, perfect wedding. Perfect friendships. Perfect people. 

This past year has been overwhelming at times, always moving, never settled.  Sometimes things are hard. But this week is what matters. I love my messy, beautiful, perfect life. 

Lobsters & Steamers

IMG_2076IMG_2064 IMG_2065 IMG_2079

My heart is so full. I love my friends so much. From all over the world, here we are, together. A week on the Cape. Lobsters, steams, corn on the cob, summer squash. A family dinner.

This entire week has honestly, no exaggeration, been the best week of my life. The universe works in mysterious ways, and I am so glad that it brought us together. Days like this remind me what really, truly matters in life. 

South Yarmouth

IMG_2040 IMG_2043

Our rental house was directly across from the beach. We spent every day here. I wish we could do it ALL again. There is no place I’d rather be. 

Harwich Port


Brax for lobster rolls & frozen drinks in Harwich Port, just around the bend from the wedding venue. This was after I broke my foot and spent the earlier half of the day in the ER – four days before the wedding. It was a rough afternoon, and this was the perfect way to end the day. Crutches and all, friends (and this view) made everything better. 


IMG_1979IMG_1977 IMG_1981 IMG_1980 IMG_1982 IMG_2019

Our wedding week begins. My friends and I rented a house in South Yarmouth for the entire week leading up to our day. Day 1: Exploring Hyannis Main Street and the LiveLoveLocal festival happening across the way. We had SO much fun. 


photo 5 (10)

photo 5 (8)

photo 5

photo 3I had planned on spending most of my summer in the North East, but I jumped on a plane for a quick trip back south mid-July. We were invited to a wedding in Nashville and no way did I want to miss out on the opportunity to go. This was my first ever trip to Music City, and of course, I loved it. I could just feel the creativity everywhere; it was definitely far removed my experience of The South thus far.

We were only there for three days, but I’m looking forward to returning soon. Nashville is only four hours away from where we are in Mississippi, so it will definitely be an easy, weekend trip.

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